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Remote Access Software

Postby JefSolTor » Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:08 pm

I installed AW Web Filter. In less than 3 hours, I've had to reboot my server twice because it hung up. I've not configured anything in AWWF except to experiment with the HTTP filter. I've added one website, Facebook, with Allow/Record switch. The LAN card is configured in Redirect mode.

Does AW Web Filter software play nice when GoToMyPC (V7.0) is running, how about Anyplace Control (V4.0.9.2). I've been using these remote access tools for years to move around my network remotely? My server has never hung up or crashed in the 6 years it's been running (Windows Server 2003). HONEST!! It is as vanilla of a server as could possibly be. It is running as a Workgroup, not a Domain controller. Not running IIS, or as a gateway. No applications are installed on my server except ESET Antivirus V4 (Business edition).

I've not come across any posts relating to remote access software, except a post relating to remote desktop built into the OS. I use Anyplace Control instead of Remote Desktop. It has more features and functionality.

Hoping someone has experience with other remote access software products.
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