Realise Whitelist and block Uploads

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Realise Whitelist and block Uploads

Postby habste » Tue Aug 31, 2010 10:51 pm

Hi @ all,

I hope that this post was not answered yet.
I have three questions:

1.) Is it possible to realise a whitlelist with ACTIVE WALL WEBFILTER FREE?
I want to allow only 5 sites and deny the others. Wildcards doesn't work.
I try to set the wildcard * to deny all sites. After that I try to "pass" all allowed websites.

2.) Is it possible to block FILE UPLOADS to the Internet?
I've tried to block all upload sites, but thats not a cool solution :)

My System:
Windows XP Professional,
Internet Explorer 8
Avtive Wall Version 4.0

A answer to these questions would be great!!!
Bye :P
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Re: Realise Whitelist and block Uploads

Postby admin » Wed Sep 01, 2010 4:19 am

1. Example: you want pass google,yahoo,msn,microsoft,youtube but block all other sites.
please set URL filter policies in http filter:
*.google.* -- pass* -- pass* -- pass
*.microsoft.* -- pass
*youtube.* -- pass
* -- deny
Note: "* -- deny" must be the last policy. Please press <Up> or <Down> button to adjust the order of the policies.
2. Please set Post file filter policy in http filter:
* -- deny record
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